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Adding A Remote Secure Process Center Server to Your Integration Designer

To add a remote secure Process Center to Integration Designer, start by having a clean workspace. Then provide your connection information to the remote Process Center. Click Login (Click Yes if prompted for certificates):

Switch to Business Integration View by clicking here (top right icon next to the question mark)

Click on the Servers tab on the bottom:

Right click on the white space on the bottom and go to New:

Select IBM Process Center V7.5 and specify the host and click on Next:

Name the Process Center and provide the path to the WAS_INSTALL_HOME directory for your local test environment, click Next:

Specify the hostname, HTTP port (nonsecure), and credentials for the Process Center server and click Test Connection. If successful connection, click OK and Next:

Specify the Process Center host name and SOAP port (of DM if in clustered env) and your credentials and click Finish:

Server is now saved in your configuration and synchronized:

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