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IBM Fix Central Lacking Meaningful Descriptions/Abstracts for Fixes

As we all know, there is always an ever-growing list of fixes for any software product that exists in the market.  IBM products are no different. Often times, when I encounter an issue that appears to be product related, the first spot I like to quickly check out is the Fix Central site to see if there is a possible fix related to the issue I am observing. (I have provided the url to the IBM Fix Central Site below). Seems reasonable right? Might as well rule out the obvious.

What I am beginning to notice, especially more frequently and for the IBM Business Process Manager 7.5.1 product, is that there are no real descriptions of what the fix actually does. How are we supposed to know what issue the fix resolves without some basic description or abstract of the actual fix? The image below is too often what I see when I am trying to learn more about the fix and if it could possibly help my situation.  I would assume that posting accurate and meaningful descriptions may also lower the number of PMRs that are opened and phone place to the service desk, as people could use this self-service option and resolve the issue themselves.

So if you see happen to see this page, please submit some feedback to IBM (see related links below) so that we can hopefully see consistent and accurate fix descriptions and we can quickly resolve the issues we face on a daily basis. Please also speak to your IBM Sales and Technical Reps as well.

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