IBM Integration Designer Installation with Test Environment Part 2

Creating Profiles Launch PMT tool as the user you created in the previous steps. Open a command prompt and change directory to C:/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/ProfileManagement. Enter runas /user:bpmadmin /env pmt.bat. Enter password when prompted.

Click on launch Profile Management Tool:

Select the IBM BPM Advanced, Process Server stand-alone profile option and click Next:

SEE APPENDIX IF CONNECTING TO A SECURE PROCESS CENTER AND FOLLOW THOSE STEPS BEFORE PROCEEDING! Open Integration Designer 7.5, Start>Programs>IBM>Integrations Designer. Enter a path to save your workspace and click OK:

Provide your Process Center connection information. If connecting to a secure Process Center, then click Cancel for now and follow instructions in Appendix:

Click on the Servers tab on the bottom half of the screen and right-click in the white space and select New>Server:


Please follow the following instructions for connecting your Integration Designer environment to your Process Center over a secure (https) URL. To Connect to a Secure Process Center: Make sure Integration Designer is not running. You will need to import the certificate from the secured process center to you Integration Designer cacerts file. Open a command prompt and run the following command (make sure you edit the paths based on where you installed ID and WebSphere: C:IBMWebSphereAppServerjavabinkeytool.exe -import -file CERTNAME.cer -alias CERTALIAS -keystore C:IBMWebSphereAppServerjavajrelibsecuritycacerts

Start your Server from Integration Designer:

Once the server is Started, login to the Admin Console:

Navigate to Security>SSL Certificate and Key Management>Key stores and certificates>NodeDefaultTrustStore>Signer certificates, click on Retrieve from port:

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