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Installing Business Process Manager Advanced V8 on Windows 64bit

This is a step by step guide outlining the installation process for IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V8 on a 64 bit Windows machine. Prior to installing, please ensure you check your machine to verify you meet the software/hardware pre-requisites:

Part I – Preparing the setup

I have found that these basic prep steps help prior to installing the product:

Create a user that you will use as your BPM administrator account and add it to the Administrators group and to the DB2ADMNS and DB2USERS groups. You will also need this ID later when you create your profiles as this ID is used to write to the databases:

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management

Extract all your binaries to the same root directory:

Part II – Begin the installation

As this is a 64 bit installation, open up the launchpad64.exe to begin the installation:

Click on using custom installer in the Custom Installation section:

Install as an administrative user. Click Install:

This will now launch the Installation Manager as seen below:

Make sure all of the options are selected and click on Check for Other Versions, Fixes, and Extensions to get the latest updates. After you click, you screen will refresh and automatically select the latest versions for all the software packages. Click Next:

Select any additional recommended fixes for you software packages. Click Next:

Agree to the software licenses and click Next:

Select where you would like to install the binaries too and click Next:

I try to keep everything installed in the same directories. So, here I adjust the install path so it matches the directory path in the previous step. Click Next:

Select your language and click Next: