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CloudTech Services

CloudTech specializes in offering efficient contracts and SoWs so that you follow the cloud consumption model (only pay for what you use). So, if you need 40 hours per week for your project, we can accommodate that. If you only need 10 hours per week for your project, we can accommodate that as well. No project is too small!

Architecture Review

Looking to confirm or validate your existing cloud architecture? Looking for a review of your destination state architecture? Contact us to schedule a consultation. 

Project Oversight

Maybe you have your development team and engineering team ready to go and you are looking for some project oversight on your cloud implementation. CloudTech can assist in this space.

Best Practices

Leverage our wealth of best practices across leading cloud service providers to help enhance your cloud solutions.

Candidate Screening

Ensure you are bringing the right cloud resources onto your team to accomplish your goals. CloudTech can help you screen/interview candidates.


In addition to reviewing your cloud architecture, CloudTech can execute on your implementation plan and get your journey started in the cloud.


CloudTech can also play an advisory role on your project to steer you down the right path on your cloud journey. 


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